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Parenting Advice from a Child

I saw this here   and had to share it!  This will help me have patience and keep things in perspective!

Whether you have little ones at home or not, print this out, post it somewhere or share it with a friend.  This is something I need to remind myself of often.
Don’t spoil me. I know quite well that I ought not to have asked for.. I”m testing you.

Don’t be afraid to be firm with me. I prefer it…. it makes me feel more secure.

Don’t correct me in front of people if you can help it I’ll take much more notice if you talk to me in private.

Don’t make me feel that my mistakes are sins. It upsets my sense of values.

Don’t be too upset if I say “I hate you”. It isn’t that I hate you; I only need your attention.

Don’t protect me from consequences. I need to learn that way.

Don’t take too much notice of small ailments. Sometimes they get me the attention I want.

Don’t nag. If you do, I shall have to protect myself by appearing deaf.

Don’t make rash promises. Remember that I feel badly let down when they are broken.

Don’t forget that I cannot explain myself as well as I should like. This is why I am not always accurate.

Don’t tax my honesty too much. I am easily frightened into telling lies.

Don’t be inconsistent. That completely confuses me and makes me lose my faith in you.

Don’t put me off when I ask you questions. If you do,you will find that I stop asking and seek my information elsewhere.

Don’t tell me my fears are silly. They are terribly real and you can do much to understand.

Don’t ever think it beneath your dignity to apologize to me. An honest apology makes me feel surprisingly warm to you.

Don’t forget how quickly I am growing up. It must be very difficult for you to keep pace with me but please try.

Don’t forget that I love experimenting. I couldn’t get along without it, so please put up with it.

Don’t forget that I can’t thrive without lots of love. But I don’t need to tell you that…. do I?


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Family Altar Part II

Want directions on making a family altar of your own?  Keep in touch as we put it all together.

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The Family Altar: Interview with Marty Gonterman on Family Devotions

Marty is a Faith at Home dad. Grown kids who love the Lord. I interviewed him about his “family altar”: worship as a family that he did at home.

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How Important Are You, Dad?

We dads often underestimate the influence we have on our kids’ lives. These stats will inspire and encourage you to spend as much time as you can with your kids. It’s the best use of your time!


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Packers and Steelers and their faith…

Dads, great video to show to your sons!
Various Packers and Steelers share about their faith and what’s most important to them. Discover more amazing and inspirational stories, Christian testimonies, and healing miracles.

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Story of Jonah told from a little girl…

From a little girl

Parents, your kids can do amazing things!!

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Growing in Love with Your Spouse — Part 1

Growing in Love with Your Spouse – Part 1

This is an audio interview by Jim Burns.  He is a great guy that I have known over the last 23 years of ministry!

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Driving Safety and Bringing Faith Home

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